External Transport Managers

We have a team of qualified and experienced External Transport Managers who work with bus/lorry companies across the South East. Our TMs take a very involved approaced to their Transport Management roles and do not shrink from their frontline duties.

What do Transport Managers do?
Both internal (direct company employees) and external transport managers have a responsibility to ensure that the transport has the correct measures in place so that the organisation is safely run and the  law is obeyed. Duties include:

  • Drivers administration
  • Drivers management
  • Drivers operations
  • Vehicle administration
  • Vehicle management
  • Compliance systems
  • Licence administration

How many vehicles fall under a Transport Manager’s duty?
As an external transport manager you can only work for a maximum of 4 operators (not licences) with a combined total fleet of up to a maximum of 50 authorised vehicles.

How many hours should a Transport Manager spend on their duties?

The Traffic Commisioner recommends the following hours:
Number of Vehicles             Proposed Hours (per week)
2 or less                                       2 to 4
3 to 5                                            4 to 8
6 to 10                                         8 to 12
11 to 14                                        12 to 20
15 to 29                                       20 to 30
30 to 50                                      30 to full-time
Above 50*                                  Full-time and additional assistance required
*Additional hours may be required for trailers