Driver CPC FAQs

If you want to drive a bus, coach or lorry for a living then you will need to take part in Driver CPC to get your Driver Qualification Card. If you are new to driving, you will need to take part in the Driver CPC Initial Qualification. If you gained your C/D licence before 2009 then you will need to take part in Driver CPC Periodic Training. Both are explained below.

What is the Driver CPC Intial Qualification?

The Driver CPC Initial Qualification is for any new drivers (post 2009) hoping to enter the road haulage or passenger carrying industries.

Initial qualification consists of 4 parts, all of which drivers must pass to qualify.

  • Part 1 – theory test (this includes a multiple-choice and hazard perception test)
  • Part 2 – Driver CPC case studies test
  • Part 3 – driving ability test
  • Part 4 – Driver CPC practical demonstration test

If successful, your drivers will be issued with a driver qualification card which must be kept with them at all times when driving professionally, and which will be valid for five years.

The CPC Centre do not currently off the Driver CPC Initial Qualfication.

What is Driver CPC Periodic Training?

Periodic training is continuing professional development for bus, coach and lorry drivers. It carries on throughout the professional driver’s career, no matter how infrequently they drive. Periodic Training is designed to improve the knowledge of the driver and it could include courses in subjects such as Disability Awareness, Tachograph Regulations and Safe and Fuel-Efficient Driving. Only training centres authorised by JAUPT can deliver the courses.

How much training is required?
All drivers must undertake 35 hours of training in every five-year period. The minimum length of a training course that contributes to the Periodic Training requirement is seven hours. Some drivers might do the 35 hours in one week whilst others to prefer to spread it out over 5 years.

Will I be tested?
No, there are no exams or testing but you do have to be present for the entire duration of the course. JAUPT will also be notified of your attendance.

Will I get a certificate?
Yes, you (or your course booker) will receive the certificate within 7 days and your attendance will be recorded with JAUPT

Who does Driver CPC apply to?
Driver CPC applies to all new and existing drivers who wish to drive professionally and who require an LGV or PCV licence in order to do their job.

What do drivers who hold both a PCV and LGV licence do?
Drivers with both PCV and LGV licences will have to complete only one course of 35 hours of Periodic Training every five years; they will not have to undertake 35 hours of training for each licence category.

What about drivers with LGV/PCV licences from other countries?
Periodic Training must be completed in the country of employment or residence. Drivers from other countries, who are based in the UK, can undertake Periodic Training in the UK if residing here for longer than six months in a calendar year. Training completed in another EU state, where employed or resident, will count towards Periodic Training in the UK.

I still have questions that haven’t been answered, who can I ask?
You are welcome to drop us an email with any questions about our training courses or Driver CPC training.

Driver CPC grandfather rights

If you currently hold a vocational licence you will not need to take the initial qualification route if you gained your licence before September 2008 for bus and coach drivers or September 2009 for lorry drivers. Your previous experience is accepted as equal to initial qualification.

However, you are required to complete the 35 hours of periodic training. The deadline was 2014. Existing drivers will only receive their driver qualification card when they have completed their 35 hours of periodic training. All drivers are then required to complete 35 hours of periodic training every five years on an ongoing basis to continue driving for a living.