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Alternative Dispute Resolution

If you are a client/customer and we have made a contract with you by electronic means you may be entitled to use an EU online dispute resolution service to assist with any contractual dispute you may have with us. This service can be found at http://ec.europa.eu/odr. Our email address is info@cpccentre.co.uk



  1. Once a booking by a customer has been accepted either verbally, in person, over the telephone or in writing, cancellation of the agreed joining instructions by a customer 10 working days or more prior to the commencement of the course date will incur an administration charge of 25% excluding VAT. Cancellation within 10 working days by a customer prior to the course date will result in the whole course fee being CHARGED unless superseded by a variation to conditions of business specified for a particular training course i.e. Driver Training, CPC & ADR, Forklift truck, Driver CPC. Substitution of course delegates will be accepted upon reasonable notice being given and the original joining instructions and fee will be deemed to be acceptable. All cancellations must be in writing, verbal cancellations are not acceptable and proof of posting is advisable. It is the responsibility of the customer to ensure that an Order Number with instructions is issued in writing if it is required by the customer to be included in any future invoices or correspondence for services provided by The CPC Centre. Where a verbal order has been accepted by The CPC Centre it will be deemed that the standard Terms & Conditions apply for the service being provided without variation at a later date, unless agreed in writing by The CPC Centre as a variation to contract.
  2. Payment of all course fees must be made prior to the commencement of the course unless other arrangements have been mutually agreed with The CPC Centre. Cheques accompanying booking should be made payable to “The CPC Centre”. The CPC Centre reserve the right through non-payment by the customer prior to the course to cancel the joining instructions and offer the place elsewhere.  Where a customer has paid a deposit, the full balance is due payable 10 working days prior to the course commencing.  Unless other arrangements have been made, failure to pay the balance could result in the course being cancelled and the full charges being incurred.
  3. Any variation to the joining instructions, course dates, time of attendance etc, made by The CPC Centre will be notified to the customer. The CPC Centre will make every effort to ensure the original instructions are complied with. In the event of course  / delegate cancellation made by The CPC Centre every endeavour will be made for the delegate to attend the next available course. All incidents and actions including any money refunds are dealt with promptly and fairly in compliance with the company’s quality processes.
  4. Every effort is made to ensure that both the instruction, hand-outs, course notes given are true and correct at the time but The CPC Centre does not accept any responsibility for error or omissions.
  5. Any delegates attending The CPC Centre premises including vehicles are required to adhere to any notices or instructions given to them by The CPC Centre staff. The CPC Centre does not accept any responsibility for personal belongings or vehicle left on the premises.
  6. Unless specified arrangements are made for course refreshments by The CPC Centre, refreshments during the course will be delegate’s responsibility.
  7. Where external examinations are involved and the delegate for enrolment has supplied details, The CPC Centre cannot accept any responsibility for the accuracy if a dispute should arise with the examinations body.
  8. It is important that adequate provision is made to ensure that drivers attending courses are able to comply with the rest requirements laid down in the Driver Hours Regulations.
  9. Special needs, the company will endeavour to provide training wherever and whenever practical to do so having first accessed the applicants capability to receive instruction which does not compromise the Health & Safety of it’s workforce, the general public and the individual themselves. For a person who falls into the category of requiring special needs, the company’s normal standard tariff quoted in its Course Guide does not apply and each request will be priced on an individual basis and subject to whatever is recommended at time against the need.  The company retains the right to refuse to train any person who in it’s professional belief will not be able to reach the required standards of that prescribed by either the HSE or the DSA having firstly assessed the person.
  10. Should a Customer recruit an instructor into their full or part-time time employment following any training provided to the customer by the Company or approach the instructor about engagement whilst they are still in the employment of the Company under the terms of this Agreement of or within three months of the instructor leaving the employment of the Company whether as a result of the instructors own application or following a job offer by the hiring company, the Customer undertakes to notify the Company forthwith of such engagement and to pay a minimum placement charge of £5000 plus Vat, together with such extra charges as the Company may specify in  relation to any specialised job training undertaken by that instructor within the 12 months immediately proceeding the date of the Customers engagement of such instructor. All such charges are due payable within 14 days of receipt of the Company’s invoice for such recruitment.
  11. Should the course be held at the customers own site the room provided must be fit for purpose. If the instructor feels that the premises are not adequate then he may cancel the course at full charge.

The above terms and conditions are binding on acceptance of the joining instructions and supersede any terms and conditions that the customer may wish to impose, no variation may be made without the specific signed agreement with the management of The CPC Centre.

Refund Policy

If a refund is payable to a customer for any reason it will be completed within fourteen days of becoming due.

This is calculated after any cancellation costs have been deducted.


Conditions of Business – Driver CPC

  1. The CPC Centre is an accredited centre (AC01941), whose courses are approved by JAUPT  (Joint Approvals Unit Periodic Training) in order to deliver Driver CPC training that meet the legal requirements.
  2. A training day is a minimum of 7 hours, it is a requirement of the training that the course start is punctual, that the course complies with the syllabus approved by JAUPT, that the trainee is in attendance for a minimum of 7 hours in accordance with the course timetable. Failure on the part of the trainee to fulfil this requirement may mean they are refused entry to the course and will be deemed to have cancelled the course forfeiting the course fees.
  3. Unless an account facility has been pre-arranged and fully cleared, all training must be paid for prior to the course starting. Any extra training booked during a course must be paid for before the test date. (For customers with account facilities the preferred method of payment will be by Direct Debit and those with a Finance Agreement in place. The CPC Centre Terms for Payment supersede any conditions applied by the customer under their own terms of purchase, unless previously agreed in writing before training has been provided.  The customer shall make payments of all sums due to the Company within 30 days of the date to which invoices are submitted by the Company and interest will be charged at 10% above HSBC base rate on accounts, which are not paid within that time).
  4.  No allowance can be made for non-attendance of a trainee booked on a course unless 10 days notice of cancellation is received. Any deposits paid are non refundable. However, in exceptional circumstances and at the discretion of management, all or part of any monies paid (excluding Test Fees) maybe transferable to an alternative training date. Customers are advised that when returning a cancellation notices that they use Royal Mails Special Delivery obtaining a proof of posting receipt. Failure to be able prove posting within the prescribed timescale above, may result in a charge for all or part of the course being made dependant upon all or part of the cancelled course being sold.
  5.  If our instructor attends your premises to conduct a booked course but is unable to do so due to lack of facilities or any other failure, which is the customer’s responsibility, fees will be payable in full.
  6.  It is the customer’s responsibility to ensure that the person attending a Driver CPC course produces both parts of their valid driving licence, paper and photo identification on the day of their course. In the event that the information provided proves to be incorrect, the correct information must be provided to The CPC Centre within three working days of the course having taken place to allow the information to be uploaded to the central Data Base. Failure to provide the correct Driver Licence details will mean the course attended will not be allowed and will have to be sat again in order to gain accreditation and will incur additional fees.
  7. Every effort will be made to ensure a course goes ahead according to plan, however it maybe that a course has to be cancelled at very short notice, such as due to adverse weather, instructor illness, low course bookings, change of venue or any other unforeseen circumstance. Under these circumstances every effort will be made to firstly advise the course delegate giving as much notice as practically possible as to any change in the booking arrangement. In the case of the cancellation being no fault of the delegate, a new course will be offered or a refund of any course fee paid.